MoonDance WildCraft

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Holistic Guidance Sessions

1:1 45 min. sessions customized for guidance of the seeker. Spirit-Body-Mind themes will be explored. Support will be offered in the form of energetic practices, herbal supplementation, dream divination, nature realignment,  nutritional education, lifestyle direction, spiritual ritual and more.

Medicinal Plant Walks

Gather in beautiful outdoor locations as we let the plants themselves be our guides. Build relationship with wild medicinals while Miranda passes on knowledge rooted in  holistic herbalism. 

Herbal Mentorship

For those who would like to dive deeper into understanding how herbal medicine works and how to apply it to  one’s health regimen or another’s. Herbal  Mentorship sessions are 1:1 and tailored to the individual needs and desires of the student. Mentorships can also be in small groups. 

Energy Healing Sessions 

Info coming soon

*** Contact Mira with inquiries about these offerings and receive a free 10 minute consultation call ***