MoonDance WildCraft LLC brings 100% naturally homegrown and local sustainably wildcrafted herbal products to communities. Our garden herbs are grown in chemical-free, nutrient-dense soil using soil ecologybuilding practices. MoonDance WildCraft also offers hands-on herbal education through seasonal plant walks and Holistic Herbal Immersion mentorships. 

It is our initiative to reawaken the innate and essential  relationship between people and plants.

Miranda Moon is a holistic herbalist, a mama of four, a dancer and the founder of MoonDance WildCraft LLC  based in Madison, WI. Miranda has felt a deep sense of peace and belonging in connection to the natural world since childhood. Miranda began formally studying  western herbalism in 2015 with seasoned clinical herbalist, Lola Stonehill, and her school, Madison School of Herbal Medicine. Miranda then began to mentor with foraging earth-herbalist, Dan De Lion and the Return to Nature School in 2017. Miranda still continues her relationships with past mentors and is currently working towards certification in clinical herbalism through the Vitalist Practitioners Program in the school of Evolutionary Herbalism with Sajah Popham.  Miranda sees time in natural ecosystems with wild plants as the greatest teachers and is very grateful for all the skilled, intuitive plant people and traditional healers from around the world that she has learned from along the way. Miranda rejoices in bridging multi-dimensional healing through the Ancestral realms of Nature. 

Remember the Power of Plants