Tulsi/ Holy Basil Tincture 2oz


Fresh plant extracted in 1:2 in organic glycerine and grain alcohol .

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Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is an amazing plant. Kapoor Tulsi has a sweet, fruity fragrance that emits from the plant in it’s antimicrobial volatile oils. An overall highly medicinal plant that is revered as  the “Queen of herbs” and “The elixir of life” from Africa thru to South East Asia,  the rest of the world is becoming more aware of the powers of this plant continuously. In India, ayurvedic doctors have known of Tulsi’s health restorative powers for thousands of years, what western scientific research is now beginning to confirm in lab tests.

Tulsi has been shown to positively effect the nervous system of stressed people. Clinical studies show improvement with stress symptoms such as irritability, insomnia, low sex drive, tension headaches, gastrointestinal issues— the list goes on.

Tulsi is known as an adaptogen herb, this is a medicinal plant that soothes as well as energizes our adrenal glands and often manifests as a sense of peace within one as it balances neurotransmitters with dopamine and serotonin levels. 

Clinical studies also show Tulsi can actually lower elevated cortisol and even regulate blood sugar and beyond. 

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